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Anonymous asked: Oh cool!Do you take classes for Muay Thai or you look up the workouts?

I take classes! But it can get a bit pricy so that part sucks lol

But I just can’t workout at the gym any more, it gets so repetitive and I have no motivation lol

Sorry if this isn’t helpful at all ): All in all though I just basically lost all of my muscle that’s why I look so small now

Travelers diarrhea. Works wonders.

Haha jk but you can also try a juice detox or any other detox to poop out all the bad stuff!


ヘルタースケルター (2012)
Pretty on the outide… but like a fruit, the bugs have eaten from within.
(dir.) Mika Ninagawa


ヘルタースケルター (2012)

Pretty on the outide… but like a fruit, the bugs have eaten from within.

(dir.) Mika Ninagawa

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Medieval times was so cool (‘:

one more year till season 5 of Game of Thrones T__T 😭😭😭

Anonymous asked: So likeWhat kind of exercises or workouts do you like to do? You looking real good Bi((((;

LMAOO ooh thanks guhhh ~

Well recently I’ve taken up Muay Thai / Cardio kick boxing and let me tell you shit kicks my ass every damn time!!! It’s so rewarding though, and such a great workout I love it! I had to take a break when I went to Vietnam though but then
I lost a lot of weight ( all my muscle) bc of travelers diarrhea ):

So as of now after summer I’m gonna try to get all of my muscle back! heh c:

Anna and James’ Baby shower (‘:

I’m so excited for baby Emmalynn!!

Spoiled her with goodies from asia, a whirlpool tub, and a badass leather jacket.

Expect random packages from California Anna n James

She’s gonna be so so so loved

&& joeys fuck ass hat always has to ruin everything 😒

Anonymous asked: i dont know what it is about you, but you give this vibe that makes people feel good everytime theyre around you. It could be your reputation as a great friend or how great you look when you shake that booty. I just want you to know though, there is one thing i get to see that nobody else does and its those adoring eyes you give me whenever i kiss you, simply the greatest feeling i could ever imagine. i dont know what excites me more, the second i kiss you or the way your eyes smile back after.

Joey is a lame nigga, don’t let that smug front fool you.

But he makes me happy ☺️ so so happy.

#simpinsaturdays #canievenpostthis

This man is so good to me, it’s crazy

Heh so ghey